Eight million Brits shop only at supermarkets

Caroline Cassidy

The demise of local, independent shops on your high street is beginning to look increasingly inevitable, as new research finds some eight million Brits do all their shopping at a supermarket.

Eight million Brits confine shopping to supermarkets
Eight million Brits confine shopping to supermarkets

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The survey of 2,000 adults, conducted by Santander, found that it's the one-stop convenience of the supermarket that lures UK shoppers in, and with everything from toilet roll to TVs on offer, many of us don't bother to look elsewhere.

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The findings revealed that 98 per cent of people buy non-food items such as clothes and electronics in their local supermarket, along with their weekly grocery shopping.

Six in ten said they would happily purchase a holiday or TV from one of the supermarket giants as long as the price was competitive, and loyalty schemes are a further draw.

A total of 72 per cent of those polled confessed they had bought clothing and accessories from a supermarket, while CDs, DVDs and video games were next on the list of commonly-bought non-food items.

Household appliances, toys, gardening equipment, DIY tools, and even mobile phones and computer devices were also landing in shopping trolleys up and down the country.
According to the Daily Mail, Santander spokesman Alan Mathewson said: "Cost, rewards and convenience are a major incentive for shoppers at a time when households are increasingly short of money and time.

"While independent retailers continue to offer a more traditional high street experience, competitive pricing and generous rewards mean many consumers are looking to consolidate their purchasing habits under just one roof."

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