Bugatti Veyron reclaims top speed crown

Bugatti Veyron reclaims top speed crown

The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, which was unceremoniously stripped of its record for being the world's fastest production car, has had its honour restored.

The £2.1 million car originally made it into the record books when Bugatti test driver Piere-Henri Raphanel hit 268mph on the five-mile straight at Volkswagen's Ehra-Lessien test track.
However, customer versions of the car are limited to 258mph due to concerns over tyre safety at such high speeds.

This led to Guinness World Records stripping the French firm of its hard-won record on the grounds that production examples were fundamentally different to the one in which the record run was conducted.

It also led to claims from rival manufacturer Hennessey, who recently hit 265mph with its Venom GT, that they had taken the title.

However, now it seems Guinness has had a change of heart, reinstating the Veryon as the world's fastest road car, judging that a limited top speed did not amount to a significant mechanical change.

Speaking to The Telegraph, a spokesman from Guinness World Records said: "Following a thorough review conducted with a number of external experts, Guinness World Records is pleased to announce the confirmation of Bugatti's record of Fastest production car achieved by the Veyron 16.4 Super Sport.

"The focus of the review was with respect to what may constitute a modification to a car's standard specification. Having evaluated all the necessary information, Guinness World Records is now satisfied that a change to the speed limiter does not alter the fundamental design of the car or its engine."
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