Video: Bus driver viciously assaults passenger for asking too many questions

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A bus driver in Nebraska has been fired after he viciously assaulted his only passenger for asking too many questions.

According to KTLA, the scene was caught on the on-board closed-circuit camera, and begins with the man asking the driver, Troy Fischer, a question about the route.

But, it seemed, being new to the area he had already previously asked a few questions, which obviously angered the driver, who can be heard saying: "What did I say about the next question you asked me? You remember?"

The passenger replies: "Yes sir, yes sir, yes sir", before the driver leaves the wheel and approaches the man telling him to "get the f*** off the bus".

He then launches a vicious attack on the man, punching around 18 times, before dragging him off the vehicle and onto the street.

Mr Fischer, 43, has now been fired from his job with the StarTran bus service over the incident on 23 March, reports the NY Daily News.

According to The Daily Telegraph, investigators have not been able to locate the passenger since the day of the attack.

Miki Esposito, director for Lincoln's Public Works and Utilities Department, said Fischer was fired after a disciplinary hearing that allowed him to rebut the allegations.

She also released the footage from the four bus cameras.

According to the Journal Star, Mr Fischer had called his supervisor to say he had a difficult passenger before the attack took place. He was told to ask the passenger to leave the bus or contact the police.

But, instead, he "took matters into his own hands" and dragged him off the bus himself.

He called his supervisor afterwards, and said: "I put him off the bus. It wasn't pretty."

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