Tour bus crashes near Yosemite National Park

Ceri Roberts
Tour bus crashes near Yosemite National Park
Tour bus crashes near Yosemite National Park

A tour bus carrying visitors from Yosemite National Park has crashed off the highway in California, leaving 16 people injured.

Sky News reports that the accident happened yesterday afternoon. Most of those who were hurt in the crash were elderly, and were taken to hospital with mild to moderate injuries.

The bus was carrying 17 people - including the driver and tour guide. The driver was the only person who was not injured.

Fox News reports that the bus was about 40 miles south of the park, when it rolled over an embankment at about 6pm.

Patrol Sgt. Edward Greene said that several passengers were thrown to the driver's side of the bus, before the bus came to a stop after hitting a tree.

"If the tree wasn't there to stop the bus, it would have continued down the ravine," said Patrol Sgt. Greene.

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