BA reveal the most popular seats on a plane

Ceri Roberts
BA reveal the most popular seats on a plane
BA reveal the most popular seats on a plane

A new study by British Airways has revealed the most popular seats on a Boeing 747 - and surprisingly, they are right at the back of the plane.

The Daily Mail reports that the most commonly chosen seats in economy class are 51B/51C, 52B/52C, 51H/51J, 52H/52J. Even though these are located right at the back - where it's noisier and bumpier during turbulence - they are the only ones on board that allow a couple to occupy a whole row to themselves.

Window seats are more popular than aisle seats, attracting six per cent more bookings, and passengers also tend to prefer the right-hand side of the plane (facing the nose), with 54 per cent choosing seats on that side.

However Radar reports that those who prefer to sit towards the front are more likely to book an aisle seat.

The Telegraph reports that, in First Class, the most popular seats are at the very front (1A and 1K), while in Club World (business class), the upper deck is favoured, with seats at the back of the section (62A, 62K, 64A, 64K) proving to be the most popular.

Sara Dunham, head of retail at British Airways, says: "Most people like the idea of turning left when they get on a plane, but it looks like the majority favour the right side when it comes to choosing their seat.

"And we've all got into a discussion with our travelling companions about whether the aisle or window is best. It would seem though that those who are firm fans of the view slightly outnumber those who like to get out of their seats easily."

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