Video: Hungry shark steals tuna from fisherman in Hawaii

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Video: Hungry shark steals tuna from fisherman in Hawaii
Video: Hungry shark steals tuna from fisherman in Hawaii

A fisherman in Hawaii was lucky to escape with his life when a tiger shark took more than just an interest in his catch.

Isaac Brumaghim was fishing two miles off the coast of Oahu when the shark, weighing up to 35 stone, jumped out of the water and stole the tuna he had just caught.

The fisherman, 37, posted a video of the incident on YouTube.

Brumaghim told KHON-TV: "I was reeling in the kawakawa and at the last moment I could see right behind that there was something big and green. And I was kind wondering like what was going on there.

"And it happened so fast. Next thing you know the kawa took off again and then the shark splashed and that's when I realised that there was a shark trying to get the kawakawa."

Meanwhile, marine biologist Wayne Samiere, told Hawaii News Now that he believes it was a 10ft tiger shark doing what comes naturally.

He said: "If a fish is distressed it sends out electrical vibration signals, plus if it's hooked it's probably also leaking some blood, and all a shark needs is just one little small taste of that signal and it's going to make a beeline right for that target."

"It would have been an intimidating thing to be around and in the water."

In October 2012, a great white shark jumped out of the water in South Africa and frightened a photographer. British snapper David Caravias was shocked when the huge predator came within inches of his camera lens.

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