Video: Woman throws baby aside to fight fellow passenger on bus

The shocking moment a young woman threw her baby aside just so she could have a fight with a fellow passenger has been caught on a mobile phone camera.

The two girls seem to be arguing about a man, with the young mother heard telling the other woman: "You just mad because mamma f***** your man, I'm not your problem, b****."

The other woman says: "I'm over that", to which the mum replies: "If you are over it, why are you approaching me on the bus?"

When other passengers tell her to calm down, she says: "No f*** that, this b**** is disrespecting me in front of my baby, man.

"I'm gonna beat your a**, girl. You've disrespected me in front of my baby on this bus."

The other woman seems to egg her on and challenges her to do so.

The woman then jumps out of her seat and literally launches her baby at the passenger sitting opposite her, while another passenger can be heard saying: "Oh my god. What the f***?"

Another passenger on the bus says: "Come on, stop y'all", while another says: "Open the door and get them out."

The baby appears to sit there with her hands over her ears, waiting for the feud to end.

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