New careers service for mothers

Pregnant womanA new service aimed at mothers needing help with their careers will be launched on Thursday.

The "groundbreaking" initiative by social enterprise business Women Like Us will offer advice on how to apply for jobs, interview techniques as well as finding vacancies.
An estimated 650,000 women with children feel "locked out" of work because they have no contacts to help them, said a report.

Research by Women Like Us showed that more than two-thirds of mothers looking for work say they have never had careers advice, while half said the last information they were given was "vastly out of kilter" with their current lives.

Women Like Us founder Emma Stewart said: "This is a breakthrough - the first ever mass-scale network for women that's all about fitting work with family. We might be living in the 21st century but women still face a significant social disadvantage in terms of career progression.

"Until now, those with children have had no one source of information and advice to go to, to help them back to work."

The online service also includes advice from professional women offering to work as mentors.
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