Out of Irish luck: Dublin driver clamped 63 times in four years

Out of Irish luck: Dublin driver clamped 63 times in four years

A four-year analysis of registration numbers in Dublin has unearthed the capital's most persistent parking offender.

The driver – whose name has not been revealed – has been clamped an astonishing 63 times over the past four years, clocking up around €5,000 (or £4,300) in clamping fees.
Dublin's parking appeals officer Bill Keilthy believes the deterrent value of a clamping release fee has somewhat diminished over the years as the €80 penalty hasn't changed since its introduction in 1998.

Mr Keilthy believes his analysis of the frequency with which cars were clamped in the last four years shows that almost 30 per cent had been clamped more than once.

Almost 400 cars in Dublin were clamped more than 10 times. Four cars were clamped an average of once a month, while the "most persistent offender" was clamped 63 times.

In his annual report to Dublin City Council Mr Keilthy said clamp-release charges should be increased by more than 60 per cent to €130 to cover the actual cost of the service, and to preserve the deterrent effect.

The service costs the council about €7 million a year, which could be fully recovered only if the charge was increased to €130, he said. Otherwise it would continue to be subsidised from the meter fees paid by compliant parkers.

Research has revealed that UK motorists were slapped with a £1.3 billion parking penalty bill in 2012, do you think the fees are fair or should they be increased?

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