Male drivers more likely to drive recklessly on rural roads

 Male drivers more likely to drive recklessly on rural roads

A new survey has revealed that male drivers are more likely to risk lives by overtaking blind and speeding on rural roads.

The results uncovered by road safety charity Brake and insurers Direct Line reveal a staggering one in four men risk a head-on collision by overtaking unsighted while more than four in 10 admit speeding at 60mph+ on rural roads.
Males are more likely to take adverse risks on the road and are more than twice as likely than the fairer sex to have been involved in a near-miss or accident.

Furthermore, over half of the women questioned have been afraid when travelling as a passenger when their driver has overtaken another vehicle in the past year, compared to just 44% of men.

The findings are even more pertinent when you consider six in ten UK roads deaths were on rural roads in 2011 - the most recent statistics available.

Broken down, that equates to around 1,197 people violently and tragically losing their lives on country roads each year.

Ellen Booth, senior campaigns officer at Brake, the road safety charity, said: "Overtaking dangerously or driving too fast on rural roads puts yourself and others in grave danger, risking needless deaths and injuries.

"Some people kid themselves they can get away with excessive speeds and dangerous manoeuvres, because they know the road. Yet driving on rural roads is highly unpredictable, and the consequences of risk-taking often horrendous."

Simon Henrick, spokesperson at Direct Line Car Insurance, added: "More than three people die on rural roads in the UK each and every day and many of these deaths could be prevented.

"Our own data suggests that young drivers and their passengers are even more likely to die on this type of road. Drivers should remember that patience is a virtue when it comes to deciding to overtake another vehicle, as it could be a life saver."
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