Bus crashes into block of flats in Essex

Bus crashes into block of flats in Essex

A bus crashed into a block of flats in Essex on Monday after a collision with a car.

The three drivers on the bus and driver of the VW Golf escaped the accident with minor injuries. There were no passengers on the bus.

Residents of the road in Braintree, where the crash happened, told This is Total Essex that they thought the noise was from "a bomb going off".

"I shot up and I looked out of my window and I could just see a bus embedded in the wall," a 71-year-old grandmother said.

EADT24 reports that the bus careered into St Michael's Court after the crash with a VW Golf in St Michael's Road at a junction.

The bus damaged a service room in the block of flats, which was empty.

A spokesman for FirstGroup told This is Total Essex: "There were three people on board – two of which were taken to hospital with minor injuries and the other was a bit shaken. Thankfully there were no major injuries."

In March, a driver was lucky to escape with his life when he was crushed between a lorry and an Arriva bus in a crash on Teesside.

And in January, the snow and icy conditions caused a school bus to skid off the road before it was stopped by a tree in Caerphilly, South Wales. Fortunately, the 16 pupils, aged between eight and 12, were unharmed.

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