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Dear Fixer,
As of 2011, I get my electricity from SSE. I switched to SSE because the company assured me that it would be cheaper than my previous energy provider EDF.

However, I have not noticed my bills coming down. In fact, the amount I have paid for this winter appears to be quite a bit higher.

By my calculations, I am now paying about £20 a month more than I was with EDF. Can I do anything about this?

I see that SSE has been fined for misleading consumers, and I think that I am probably one of them so I would like to get some compensation if I can.

N Bridge, London

Dear Mr Bridge,

You are right about SSE being fined. Industry regulator Ofgem has fined the energy giant a massive £10.5 million after finding evidence of "prolonged and extensive" mis-selling.

The good news for people in your position is that the company has set up a compensation fund worth £5 million.

You will not be automatically compensated, though. And so far, just £400,000 of the fund has been paid out to some 6,500 customers.

My advice is therefore to call SSE's dedicated claim line on 0800 975 3341. You could also check out the company's website for more details about how to make a compensation claim.

The Fixer

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