Peugeot RCZ takes on downhill mountain biker

Peugeot RCZ takes on downhill mountain biker

It looks like a stunt lifted straight from Top Gear's big book of ideas but what this video viral from Peugeot lacks in originality, it more than makes up for with bags of adrenaline-pumping footage.

The front-wheel-drive RCZ is piloted by five times Italian Rally Champion Paolo Andreucci while the fearless chap atop the bicycle is downhill mountain biker Lorenzo Suding.
The video sees the two embark on a twisty race down a very snowy Italian mountain pass, with the RCZ sliding its way across the Tarmac while Suding leaps, skids and wheelies his way across the rough terrain.

Spoiler alert: The RCZ wins.

Well, of course it does, it was a film funded by Peugeot to show off the handling prowess of its curvy little sports car.

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