Creating a greener home

Caroline Cassidy

Whether you're concerned about protecting the environment or just keen to save money on your household bills, eco-friendly products for the home are on the rise.

Eco-friendly products for your home
Eco-friendly products for your home

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New and improved products and ideas regularly appear on the market, so if you are considering making changes to your property, here are the latest green buys to think about.

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Radiator reflectors are nothing new but Radflek's panels have been tested by the Buildings Research Establishment and now feature on the Energy Savings Trust's recommended product list. Made from laminated aluminium foil, firm claims the panels reflect 95 per cent of wasted heat energy from the back of your radiators into the room.

Heat loss is reduced by 45 per cent, and as a result you'll save money on your heating bills and reduce your carbon footprint. They're easy to fit, with no need to remove the radiators, and at around £25 for a 10 radiator pack, you can save money without putting a giant dent in your wallet.

Thermafleece EcoRoll
It's no secret that sheep's wool is a great insulator, but until recently you'd have needed seriously deep pockets to even consider using wool to insulate your home. Thermafleece have come up with the EcoRoll, combining 75 per cent wool with 25 per cent polyester. The result is a product that costs two-thirds that of wool insulation, but gives you all the acoustic and thermal benefits of standard glass fibre and rigid foam.

Aerogel wall insulation
Developed by Nasa, this featherlight internal wall insulation made by Thermablok has the highest insulation value of any known material, and can now be retrofitted to keep your home snug and warm whilst allowing the walls to breathe. According to the makers, just a 10mm Aerogel Insulation Blanket increases the insulation within the building by up to 67 per cent, so while it's not the cheapest option, it could make a significant difference to your energy bills.

Refresh conservatory glass
Your conservatory might be toasty all summer, but if unheated, can be a no-go area when the weather turns cold. Refresh conservatory glass is coated on the outside to reflect heat back in the summer but keep the inside warm throughout the winter. In fact its U-value, the measure of heat loss in a building element, is just 1.0 compared with the 2.4 of standard polycarbonate conservatory glass. To top it all off, Refresh has a self-cleaning coating, and is protected from limescale, mould and algae, reducing the need for cleaning.
Triple glazing
All the wall insulation in the world will make little difference if you're house is losing 25 per cent of its heat through draughty windows. If your home is already double glazed then you're unlikely to be changing it any time soon, but if you are about to swap your old single-glazed windows and doors, it could be worth going the extra mile and considering triple glazing.

Ecoplus3, available from, have a U value of just 0.86 in some cases, and can be bespoke made with redwood or oak timber frames. They won't be cheap but with an A rating from the British Fenestration Rating Council, they clearly do the job.

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