Video: Super rare Lamborghini Miura SV burns to the ground

Video: Super rare Lamborghini Miura SV burns to the ground

A word of warning to anyone who appreciates a rare and exotic supercar, the video you are about to watch contains scenes of a distressing nature.

The clip was posted to YouTube on Saturday April 6 and it depicts a yellow Lamborghini Miura SV burning to the ground in the middle of a road in London.
The car – which can cost in the region of £1.5 million – could have suffered a wiring fault as a result of the engine overheating. Either way, it's a very expensive insurance claim and one very unhappy owner.

Supercars being destroyed by fire is nothing new. Ferrari hit the headlines in 2011 when a number of the marque's spanking new 458 Italias were pictured ablaze by owners.

The fault was traced to a glue used in the engine bay lining which failed under heat. Lamborghini too has had a number of its more modern Murcielago and Gallardo models spontaneously combust.

Sit back, click play, have a box of tissues at the ready while images of Rossano Brazzi gliding through the Alpine passes in the opening scenes of The Italian Job flash across your pained mind.

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