Cyclist comes up with innovative way of reporting potholes

Cyclist comes up with innovative way of reporting potholes

The poor state of many UK roads is an issue that continues to trouble the majority of the motoring public.

Broken road surfaces are much to blame for costly repairs come MOT time, accidents and an expense to the taxpayer as local councils dish out compensation to victims rather than tackling the problem head on.
A website has been set up in conjunction with Warranty Direct that aims to help road users report the poor state of their local roads, seek help if a car is damaged by a pothole and provide a forum for enraged motorists to vent their frustration.

But it is a cyclist, not a motorist, who has made the ingenious move of filming his or her morning commute, pointing out the potholes in post production and uploading it to YouTube for the world to see.

The video was filmed on a 1-mile stretch of road in Sparkhill, Birmingham and it clearly shows a cracked or blemished surface every few yards.

YouTube user BirmingCamCyclist says in the video's description: "It's been like this for months and the recent snow has made things worse. Come on Birmingham City Council, this is downright dangerous and needs fixing!"

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