Brazilian aardvark missing in Buckinghamshire

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Brazilian aardvark missing in Buckinghamshire
Brazilian aardvark missing in Buckinghamshire

A Brazilian aardvark, or coati, is missing after escaping from McAlpine family estate Fawley Hill in Buckinghamshire.

The aardvark is the second to go missing after another, which escaped from the estate, was spotted by walkers in Fennimore Wood, Marlow last month and later found dead.

Lady McAlpine is asking the public to help find the second of the animals, which went missing a year ago.

The animal, which is usually only found in South America, is believed to belong to a sanctuary on her estate.

"We rather assume the dead one was our boy which is sickeningly sad as he was adorable," she told Bucks Free Press.

"But coatis climb trees - they don't grow on them - and I doubt there are too many roaming the woods of Bucks. We have looked for him every day since he left and I just can't bear to think of him getting disorientated and not finding his way back."

A 2010 UK study found that Brazilian aardvarks are among many exotic creatures living in the UK, along with yellow-tailed scorpions, the Siberian Chipmunk and snapping turtles.

According to The Westmorland Gazette, there are around 10 coatis living wild in Cumbria.

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