Five missing hikers found in California canyon

Five missing hikers found in Southern California canyon unaware of rescue effort

Five missing hikers were found in Eaton Canyon in California on Friday morning after not even realising anyone was searching for them.

The five hikers in their 20s went into the Angeles National Forest canyon near Pasadena at around 8am on Thursday and were due to return by 4pm, but decided to camp for the night, LA Times reports

Abby Rodeo, 20, was one of the five hikers.

According to NBC Los Angeles, her father Elvin Rodeo became worried when he found her car at the park with her phone and other belongings in the boot.

Search teams were sent out and the group were found before 11am on Friday.

Just last week a tourist was found trapped under rocks on Mount Rubidoux in California after up to four or five days without water.

The 44-year-old man was discovered by a hiker and his dog and was severely dehydrated but conscious.

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