A celebration of Peugeot's return to Pikes Peak

A celebration of Peugeot's return to Pikes Peak

Nestled deep in the North American Rockies is a mountain called Pikes Peak and once a year hordes of motoring fans cling to the edges of perilous precipices to catch a glimpse of extremely fast vehicles rocketing up a gravely course.

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is the second oldest motor sports race in America and it attracts drivers with nerves of steel from across the globe who aim to tackle the 12.42 mile course in around ten minutes.
Peugeot has been a brand synonymous with the arduous ascent ever since Ari Vatanen wrestled a 405 Turbo 16 GR up the mountain during the 1988 meet.

A time of 10.47.77 was impressive enough but French director Jean Louis Mourey captured the high-octane action in a short film entitled Climb Dance and cemented the French firm's place in hill climb history.

Now, Peugeot has revealed it will run a specially modified 208 at Pikes Peak on June 30 of this year, piloted by none other than nine-time World Rally champion Sébastien Loeb.

Information on Peugeot's Pikes Peak 208 T16 (pictured above) is still under wraps but it will have to pack some serious punch to compete with several successful Peugeot's of old if it is to make it into the history books.

Check out the Top 5 Pikes Peak videos below:

1. Climb Dance (1988)

The original and one of the best Pikes Peak films to surface from the iconic race. Car handling prowess doesn't get much better than this.

2. Porsche GT3 Cup (2010)

A fully-fledged track day warrior tackles the loose surface and somehow manages to reach the summit intact. Breath-taking.

3. Jeremy Foley Crash (2012)

Not all ascents are flawless as Jeremy Foley found out when his Mitsubishi Evolution 8 tumbled off the course. Miraculously, both driver and co-pilot escaped with minor injuries.

4. Bruce Canepa and his Big Rig (2001)

It's not just cars that tackle the mountain; some folk like to go floor-to-the-floor in tandem axle big rigs. The summit was reached in just 13 minutes 57 seconds.

5. Greg Tracy and his Ducati (2012)

Think tackling the Peak in a lorry is scary? Try taking it full-throttle aboard a skinny motorcycle. Greg Tracy managed to complete the course in under ten minutes aboard his monstrous Multistrada.

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