Happy snappy parking warden loses job

A parking warden who enjoyed telling motorists he would get their fines cancelled if they had their photo taken with him and their ticket, has been sacked.

Over the course of two and a half years Steven Jarvis, 35, took 200 snaps of confused drivers with their parking tickets.
But his dodgy antics have cost him his job with the parking firm NSL which was contracted to provide parking enforcement duties by Brighton & Hove council.

Belinda Webb, from NSL, confirmed to the Daily Mirror Jarvis had been fired for his antics, and added: "Traffic enforcement officers have no input in appeals."

Jarvis claims NSL bosses were fully aware of him taking photos with parking offenders more than a year before they showed him the door.

"The pictures were for my book project," he told the Daily Mirror. "I told the drivers I could help them appeal by putting a note in my book.

"That's why so many of them agreed to pose. But I didn't give them any concrete assurances."

Jarvis also said NSL had banned him from using the camera given to him for his job, so he used his own instead.

"The pictures are fantastic, they're really funny," he remarked.

According to council officials, no drivers have appealed the fines.

The news comes on top of other controversial reports concerning parking. Recently it was discovered a London property maintenance firm has taken to employing young people with a clean licence to 'van-sit' their fleet of commercial vehicles as it makes more financial sense than parking in central London.
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