Football ace Carlos Tevez convicted of driving while disqualified

Football ace Carlos Tevez convicted of driving while disqualified

Manchester City footballer Carlos Tevez has been sentenced to 250 hours of community service after admitting to driving while disqualified and without insurance.

The 29-year-old striker also received a fine of £1,000 and was banned from driving for six months.
Tevez had previously been banned for failing to respond to Police letters concerning speeding allegations. At the time he claimed he didn't respond as he didn't know what the word 'constabulary' meant.

He has also struggled to gain a UK driving licence, failing the theory test.

Magistrates heard that the footballer was stopped on March 7 after leaving Mottram Hall Hotel and Golf Club in Cheshire.

Responding to an anonymous tip, Police stopped and arrested Tevez as he attempted to leave in a white Porsche Cayenne.

He reportedly told the arresting officer: "I only live down the road. Two minutes."

Interviewed twice over the offence, the footballer, who reportedly earns £150,000 a week, refused to answer any questions.

Upon sentencing, Elizabeth Depares, the chairwoman of the bench, told the Manchester City striker: "Mr Tevez you must realise you are a role model for thousands, if not millions, of fans. Nobody is above the law and you should not have been driving. We have heard that you are sorry. And it is now up to you to ensure you will not be brought back to court again."
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