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Dear Fixer,
I am writing to you because I am very confused about the new benefits system and how it will affect me.

I live alone and qualify for the state pension, but I am really not sure what other benefits I can claim and I am concerned that I will miss out unless I can find out - especially now everything seems to have changed.

Can you advise me how I can find out what benefits I am entitled to? Thank you in advance.

B Carlton, Manchester

Dear Mrs Carlton,

You are not alone in being confused about the new benefits regime.

The sweeping changes introduced this week by the Government are understood by very few people at the moment, and that is a worry when Britons were already known to be missing out on benefits worth billions of pounds under the old rules.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson recently claimed that thousands of pensioners are failing to claim benefits worth up to £1,800 a year - and that was before the regime changed dramatically.

Fortunately, there are some simple ways to check what benefits you are entitled to.

You, as a pensioner, could for example contact the charity Age UK. It has a free advice line: 0800 1696565.

Otherwise, you can visit your local Citizens Advice Bureau for a benefit check or go on the Government benefits website to check for yourself online.

The Fixer

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