Teenager savagely attacked after accidentally nudging car horn

Teenager savagely attacked after accidentally nudging car horn

A teenager has been savagely attacked in a McDonald's car park in Braintree, Essex, after accidentally sounding her horn.

18-year old Jessica Martin momentarily leant on the steering wheel whilst getting back into her car and thought nothing of it.
In a shock turn of events, a motorist in the car next to hers took offence, and in an unprovoked attack, Miss Martin was subjected to a tirade of abuse before being dragged from her car and beaten to the ground.

The attacker then got back into her car and drove away.

The attack left the victim badly bruised and with several scars to her face.

Police have released an e-fit image of the suspect: a woman described as being between 20 and 40 years old and with distinct red, shoulder-length hair.

Appealing for witnesses, Essex constabulary added that the assailant was wearing patterned leggings, knee high black boots and spoke with a local accent.

Speaking to The Mirror, Miss Martin said: "I had pulled into the car park at Braintree with my friends to get some food.

"We had not said anything or done anything, then this woman pulled me out of my car and hit me on the head.

"It all happened so quickly and threw me completely."
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