Make the most of your Clubcard points

For anyone who shops regularly at Tesco, the supermarket's Clubcard offers rewards to customers who continue to spend both in-store and online. And as one of the most generous loyalty schemes around, Clubcard holders can take advantage of more than just the ability to earn while you spend.

How to make the most of your Clubcard points

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Take full advantage of your shopping loyalty points with these top tips.

Shop and swap
On a basic level, the Tesco Clubcard gives you points for each £1 you spend. Those points can then be claimed in vouchers that give you money off your shopping in-store, at Tesco petrol stations, online, on some Tesco financial products, or at Tesco Direct.

However, swap those vouchers for Clubcard rewards and you will get other goodies worth three or four times their original value, and the options are many and varied. For instance, a one-day entry to Alton Towers normally priced at £43.50, could cost as little as £11.50 in Clubcard vouchers. Similarly sizeable discounts are available on a host of UK days out, for flights and holidays, restaurants, magazine subscriptions, various partner shops, and even sporting events.

Save up
All too often those expensive times of year creep up on us and we end up having to max out the credit card to pay the price. If that sounds familiar then you could do worse than to save up your Clubcard vouchers to cover the cost.

Keep your vouchers for birthdays, Christmas or pricey items you plan to buy for the home and you can use them against items at Tesco Direct, to get money off your big Christmas shop, or swap them for rewards where you might be able to get gifts or experiences at a discounted rate.

Reclaim lost vouchers
Whether lost or just forgotten, there are thousands of Clubcard vouchers that have never been redeemed by their owners. Since they are valid for two years, it is worth checking if you have any long-forgotten points that could save you money or be swapped for rewards. Simply go online to your Clubcard account and click on 'my vouchers', or call Tesco customer services who will be able to advise whether you have any to spend, and you can either print yourself to use in-store, or swap them for rewards.

Boost your points
Tesco regularly come up with ways to boost your points total by launching Clubcard Exchanges, where you can double your points value on certain categories, or offers limited either on number or time.

You'll need to move fast to take advantage of these special deals, so it's worth regularly checking the Clubcard website or, better still, signing up for email alerts to keep you informed of the best offers.
Cashback exchange
According to, cashback site Topcashback will allow you to trade in every £10 you've earned through the site for 1,050 Clubcard points.

You can exchange up to £50-worth of Topcashback money for Tesco points, and while that amounts to only £10.50 if you spend it in-store, swap those vouchers for rewards and you'll be quids in.

Have you got any tips for making the most out of your Clubcard? Leave your comments below...
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