Katie Price attempts to sell her pink Range Rover to Twitter followers

Katie Price attempts to sell her pink Range Rover to Twitter followers

With a captive audience of 1.75 million, it's no wonder Katie Price turned to popular social network Twitter to try and shift her Barbie Pink Range Rover.

The, erm, interesting 4x4 can be seen in many of the photographs recently taken at Price's Willy Wonka-themed wedding to former stripper husband Kieran Hayler and now it is up for sale.> The former glamour model and reality television star paid a reported £100,000 for the Range Rover Vogue model back in 2011 and the vehicle sports the personal plate KP11 HOT.

Price Tweeted at the weekend: "I want to sell my pink range rover anyone interested??I want to get new car xx".

She then followed this up with: "For enquires about my pink range email catherine@katieprice.co.uk serious enquires only please x"

The model-turned-businesswoman is worth an estimated £45 million so that opens up a whole world of car-buying opportunities.

Katie Price attempts to sell her pink Range Rover to Twitter followers

Here are five eye-catching models Price should consider as her next runaround...

New Cars for Katie Price
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Katie Price attempts to sell her pink Range Rover to Twitter followers

The new model is the most powerful car Rolls-Royce has ever produced but the 624bhp is just a footnote to the head-turning exterior styling. The British firm is also renowned for offering bespoke touches, but possibly not quite as bespoke as a pink paintjob.

Should Price stick to her SUV guns she should consider the crazily styled Artemis – a 600bhp, Porsche Cayenne-inspired SUV that features an interior so luxurious, it would make the Queen blush. The £250,000 asking price should also ensure she remains the talk of the beauty salon.

It’s small, it’s cute and it has an Aston Martin badge slapped on the bonnet, oh and it’s one of the silliest cars to be released in the last few years. The Cygnet is basically a Toyota iQ with a fancy paintjob and a £30,995 price tag but if you’ve got the money, why not spend it?

The big Bentley might not be quite as luxurious (or expensive) as the Rolls-Royce but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been festooned with goodies: TV screens in the rear for the kids, on-board Wi-Fi for browsing the Web and a 616bhp engine that will whisk Katie to the shops and back in effortless style. Note: Not available in Barbie Pink.

If Katie has become bored of polluting the planet and looking like a bit of a plonker in a pink Range Rover, she could opt for the environmentally-friendly Nissan Leaf. The tiny city-car can achieve 125 miles on a single charge and produces absolutely nothing in the way of harmful gasses from its non-existent exhaust pipes. We can’t guarantee she won’t look like a plonker in one, though.

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