Top Gear April Fool's prank shuts Dutch motorway

Top Gear April Fool's prank shuts Dutch motorway

In a strange turn of events, Clarkson, Hammond and May are not responsible for a recent stunt that has caused outrage among motorists in Holland.

A practical joke that saw a large number of motorists avoid a major section of motorway that runs between Amsterdam and Utrecht has been put down to the actions of a single Dutch police officer.
Dutch police were forced to issue an apology after a "single colleague" posted an April Fool's day message on the national police website that declared a 20-mile section of the 10 lane A2 motorway would be closed while the BBC's Top Gear filmed.

It said the major stretch of motorway would be used by the programme-makers to attempt to set a new world speed record on a public road.

The message, which was placed there on Easter Sunday and remained for over an hour before it was removed, is thought to have caused major disruption for those wishing to travel during yesterday's Bank Holiday.

A Dutch police spokesman said: "It was an action of a single colleague who did not think about the possible consequences."

The fake message stated that Clarkson and his colleagues Richard Hammond and James May would try to break a world record speed of 286 miles per hour.

This isn't the first time the trio have unwittingly sparked complaints, according to the trailers for the recent series of Top Gear saw viewers take to Twitter to complain of the 'sexist' undertones. The trailers portrayed three women from the BBC wardrobe department washing the star's clothes as they had fun in their cars.
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