Teen driver claims BBC 'set her up'

Teen driver claims BBC 'set her up'

A teenage motorist has lashed out at the BBC, claiming she was set up after appearing on its new show 'Barely Legal Drivers'.

Amy Smith had thought she was going to appear on a The Only Way Is Essex-style reality TV show, after responding to an advert asking for 'fun and confident groups of friends'.
But rather than filming her flimsy exploits, the cameras were solely interested in her bad driving.

The new show, which airs on BBC3 tonight involves recording drivers' poor driving, which is then shown to aghast parents and stern looking police officers, with prizes ranging from advanced driving lessons to a new car depending on performance.

Despite being told by the show's production company that she would require a car for the week, Ms. Smith remained oblivious, and was so keen for her fifteen minutes of fame she borrowed one to take part.

She only realised the true nature of the show after seeing a trailer featuring her irresponsible driving.

Speaking to the Daily Mail Miss Smith, from Halifax, West Yorkshire, said: 'I've been set up. I thought it was going to be like The Only Way Is Essex.

'If I had known it was about driving I would never have taken part.'

The BBC has rebuffed any accusation that it had misled Miss Smith, stating that even once the show's true nature had been revealed to her, she was happy to sign a release form.

Watch a trailer for 'Barely Legal Drivers' below:

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