Hampshire police enrage social media users with poor parking photo

Hampshire police enrage social media users with poor parking photo

Hampshire constabulary has defended the actions of its officers after a photo emerged on Facebook and Twitter showing a patrol car parked across two disabled parking bays.

Taken last weekend at a McDonald's car park in Hedge End, the picture sparked widespread criticism after going viral over the weekend.
Now the force has taken to its Facebook page to explain the incident. It turns out the officer wasn't desperately craving a Big Mac, but responding to an emergency call out by McDonald's staff.

Commenting on the image, the force said: "Our nearest available officer attended the scene in a marked car, pulling up across a disabled bay and hatchings nearest the front of the building.

"When he arrived the group had left the scene so he took details of the incident and left. He was at McDonald's for 10 minutes.

"The officer and the staff member accompanying him in his car did not buy food, they were not given food and did not eat at McDonald's. The officer was responding to an emergency and parked to allow him swift entry to the premises."

Hampshire constabulary went on to reassure the public that any complaints over Police misconduct or inappropriate behaviour would be taken seriously, but that in this case, the poor parking was justified to effect a prompt response to an emergency call.

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