Video: Chinese bus driver takes a lamp post to the face

Video: Chinese bus driver takes a lamp post to the face

If you're cursing the decrepit state of Britain's roads after the recent cold snap left your high street looking like Baghdad airport runway after the Americans invaded, just be thankful the lamp posts aren't falling over and coming through your windscreen, like they do in China...

This shocking footage, taken from CCTV on a Chinese bus, shows driver Mao Zhihao being thrown back violently after a lamp post crashed through the window, hitting him in the face and chest.
Despite seeing it coming and attempting to avoid the obstacle, Zhihao was unable to prevent the collision.

The incident happened in China's Zhejiang province on Monday.

Amazingly, the driver suffered only a ruptured spleen and regained his composure quickly enough to bring the bus to a safe halt. He then managed to call for help before safely evacuating his 26 passengers, all of whom were unhurt.

This is not the first time bus drivers have been hit by debris in China. Just last year driver Wu Bin died days after being struck by a 5.5lb piece of iron, which had fallen off a passing lorry. He too managed to stop his bus safely with no injuries to his passengers.

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