Couple stuck in hotel lift just 500 yards from airport miss flight to Turkey

Couple stuck in hotel lift just 500 yards from airport miss flight to Turkey

A couple missed their flight to Turkey for an Easter getaway when they got stuck in a hotel lift for nearly two hours.

Cai and Lynne Larsen go into the lift with two other holidaymakers at 4am when it jolted to a halt between floors.

The couple lost out on their entire 11-day trip to Antalya, The Sun reports.

Cai, 53, said: "The other couple were going to Morocco - we got to know them rather well.

"The lift only moved a few feet before it made a clunking sound and stopped.

"We repeatedly rang the alarm and reception who kept saying an engineer was on its way. But time was going on so we rang the fire brigade."

The couple were finally freed by firefighters and hotel security at Luton's Ibis Hotel, Beds at 5.45am.

The Daily Mirror reports that they sprinted to departures but were told their plane was ready to take off and they could not board.

Father of five Cai said: "It was so frustrating - we were within touching distance of the airport."

As the holiday was booked as a package deal, there was no other flight they could catch.

The couple returned home to Caernarfon, North Wales but stopped in Barry Island to see Lynne's mother for a few days.

Cai said: "We thought we would look at the sea and pretend it was the Med - but it's a lot colder."

Ibis said it would "take appropriate action" about paying costs.

The other couple trapped in the lift managed to catch their flight to Morocco.

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