Video: Watch an Australian driver narrowly miss a tornado

Video: Watch an Australian driver narrowly miss a tornado

Picture the scene: You're driving along in the Australian outback, minding your own business when the weather starts to get a little on the breezy side.

Before you know it, you suddenly find yourself heading straight towards a tornado – or rather you find a tornado is heading straight towards you.
That's what happened to a pair of Aussie natives, who very quickly found themselves in a scene from the film Twister – with their car pointed square at a fearsome tornado.

According to Australia's 7 News channel, the duo were driving between the towns of Mulwala and Barooga when the 50-metre wide tornado appeared in the field next to them.

As the cone of wind edged towards the car at ever increasing speeds, the only course of action was to get away – and fast.

Reversing at speed and performing a handbrake turn that even Russ Swift would be proud of, driver Daniel Clarke made a bid for freedom – with the tornado, now travelling at around 50mph, rapidly catching the car up.

Clarke's quick-thinking (and perhaps brave) passenger, meanwhile, whipped out his phone and videoed proceedings – giving us an insight into what it's like to be perilously close to one of nature's scariest phenomena.

Luckily the pair escaped unharmed – though we'd imagine that some of the debris chucked at the car by the tornado might have left more than a few stone chips.

Video below contains strong language – though we think even Mary Whitehouse would forgive the Australian chaps, given the circumstances...

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