Half of Brits don't trust their other half money

Caroline Cassidy

You might trust your partner with dreams and fears, but it seems it's a different matter when it comes to money. According to a new survey, half of Britons don't trust their other half with their money, and women are by far the warier sex.

Brits don't trust their partners with money
Brits don't trust their partners with money

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The poll of 2,000 adults, conducted by the Yorkshire Building Society, revealed that a third of us are more cautious with our finances as a result of the recession, and a number of high-profile scandals in the world of politics and banking have done little to allay our fears.

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In all, one in five refused to trust others with their cash, and if you're hoping for a loan from a friend, you're best trying the boys than the girls.

Of those polled, the men were far more trusting when it came to lending money to pals, with the average chap willing to spend an average £7,799.30 to help out a friend. By contrast, women were only prepared to stump up £3,687.10 to get someone close out of a tight spot.

And woe betide anyone who fails to repay the loan - more than three quarters insisted they would never forgive a friend who did not pay them back.

It's not just their hard-earned cash that Brits are worried about sharing though. A majority of 70 per cent said they no longer shared secrets with their best buddy, and one in eight kept all their innermost thoughts to themselves, apparently with good reason.
Four in ten of those quizzed admitted to breaking a friend's confidence in the past year, and while most felt guilty about betraying a pal, some 14 per cent confessed they "couldn't care less".

Chris Pilling, of Yorkshire Building Society, told the Daily Mail: "It is clear the public feel trust is being eroded for a variety of reasons, one of which is the failings of the very people we look to in order to guide us through challenging times."

What do you think? Do you trust your other half with financial matters, or do you keep your cash to yourself? Leave your comments below...