Good Samaritan rescues snow-bound motorists

Good Samaritan rescues snow-bound motorists

An East Grinstead man has done wonders for the image of 4x4 owners everywhere by spending seven hours rescuing stranded motorists during last week's heavy snow.

Construction worker Spencer Pickstock stepped in where emergency services couldn't by using his Land Rover Discovery to tow vehicles along the A22 between Wych Cross and Forest Row.
His seven hour stint saw him rescue 27 cars, as well as four articulated lorries.

Speaking to the East Grinstead Observer, Pickstock said: "I was heading home about 4pm and there were just so many people stuck in the snow. A lot of people looked worried and some of them were crying.

"I started to help a couple of cars, but I felt bad about the others, so I kept going back.

"The next day I came across all these jack-knifed lorries on the A22, so I helped them as well."

Pickstock also criticised the Police, saying that he didn't see a single patrol car while on the affected stretch of road.

Last week's unseasonal weather caught motorist across the country by surprise, with severe weather causing travel disruption and power outages in the worst affected areas.

The plight of those stranded sparked generous volunteer efforts in numerous areas, with a team from the Fire and Emergency Support Service volunteers helping over 200 motorists for 11 hours on the A23.
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