Drug-runners' van donated to hospice

Drug-runners' van donated to hospice

A Volkswagen Sharan people carrier that was once used to ferry illicit drugs across the country has now been put to a more noble cause: raising funds for a Plymouth hospice.

The low-key people carrier belonged to drug runners Michael Doyle and Princely Kudothore, who had been responsible for bringing over £300,000 worth of cannabis into the city.
Upon conviction, the trial judge ordered the Sharan to be seized and disposed of.

Cars seized from criminals are usually sent to the crusher or are put up for sale at Police auctions. Luckily, the disposal order coincided with a plea for help from St. Luke's Hospice, which had previously been supported by a local car dealership.

The nearly new seven-seater was subsequently donated and will be used to raise funds for end of life care for the terminally ill.

Speaking to the BBC, Devon and Cornwall Police announced their satisfaction at the fact that a car which had aided in bringing "misery and crime" to Plymouth, would now be used to do good.

Doyle and Kudothore pleaded guilty to supplying Class B drugs and were jailed for 40 months and 27 months respectively.
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