Sir Chris Hoy in Taiwan during deadly earthquake

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Sir Chris Hoy in Taiwan during deadly earthquake
Sir Chris Hoy in Taiwan during deadly earthquake

Sir Chris Hoy felt the effects of an earthquake that struck in Taiwan early on Wednesday morning.

At least 19 people were injured and one person died following the 6.1 magnitude earthquake on the east Asian island.

Six-time gold medallist Sir Chris was in a hotel in Taichung, about 40 miles north of the earthquake's epicentre in Nantou, when he felt the effects.

He shared the experience on Twitter, writing: "In Taichung, just experienced my first proper earthquake! Building shaking and swaying, light fittings & pictures falling off the walls!"

He added: "Wow, it felt pretty scary here on the 15th floor of our hotel!"

His wife Sarra also tweeted: "The earthquake has stopped but I'm still shaking."

According to the Mirror, officials said a 72-year-old woman died in the earthquake when a temple wall she was standing next to collapsed and crushed her in Nantou.

The Scotsman reports that buildings swayed in the capital Taipei, and sections of the high-speed rail were suspended from service to be inspected for damage.

The earthquake, which occurred at a relatively shallow depth of nine miles (15km), was felt throughout Taiwan, added the Central Weather Bureau.

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