Blackpool car park raises £1.2 million revenue in a single year

A car park on Blackpool's seafront promenade has raised over £1.2 million revenue, placing it in the top ten highest earning car parks in the country.

The 696 space car park, located on Central Drive has outperformed leading car parks in Manchester Sheffield and Bolton.
Blackpool council also entered the top ten in parking fines, with the town's Queen street generating £78,760 in fines making it one of the largest revenue generating roads outside London.

Seeking to calm the ire of motorists who are becoming increasingly frustrated with the rising cost of motoring, Blackpool councillor Fred Jackson said the money generated was re-invested in "essential services".

Speaking to the Blackpool Gazette, he said: "The charges are necessary tools to manage our highways network and the surplus is re-invested to maintain our highways, essential services and infrastructure. It is important to recognise that, given the freeze on council tax increases and the cuts in our central Government funding allocation, if we did not have a surplus then larger cuts to essential services would be necessary."

Business owners have stated that parking in Blackpool town centre was reasonable when compared to larger cities, but that the council was facing competition from the free parking offered by out of town shopping centres.

Hotel owner Mrs. Smith commented: "There is a real issue for councils in that when the Government is cutting back their allowance and budgets, money has to be found from somewhere, and as much as we would all love it, they are not going to suddenly make all car parking free.

"I just don't think the council has the balance quite right."
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