Video: Man survives days without water after getting stuck under rock

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A tourist in California was trapped under rocks on a hill for days without any food or water.

NBC Bay Area reports that hiker Ramon Llamas and his German shepherd-mix discovered the man on Mount Rubidoux at about 8.30am on Monday.

"I said to the guy, 'You need help? Are you OK?' When he reacted, he says, 'Somebody there? Please don't leave me. Don't leave me,'" Llamas said.

"'You got some water?' And I gave him water, and a minute later, he said, 'You got some more?' Are you by yourself? 'Ya, I'm a tourist here. I'm hungry.'"

An hour later, rescue workers were able to free the 44-year-old man, whose foot was stuck under the rocks. He was hospitalised with symptoms of dehydration.

According to CBS Local, Riverside Fire Captain Bruce Vanderhorst said the man appeared to have slipped and fell into a crack between the rocks.

He added that the man was trapped for four or five days based on the level of his dehydration.

"He was severely dehydrated. He was conscious. We were able to talk to him. But we could not fully get all the information out of him," said Vanderhorst.

"He was slightly confused with his timeline of events."

The hiker wanted to thank Llamas and the dog for saving his life.

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