Video: How to build a Formula 1 car

Video: How to build a Formula 1 car

This video - recently released by the Red Bull Formula 1 team - shows just how much engineering expertise goes into the manufacturing of a successful racer.

Set to a quirky beat, it sees designers, mechanics and engineers all add their touches to the RB9 as it passes through sketches, modelling and wind tunnel testing.
It's all slightly nerdy but also strangely gripping as precision machines go about their business slicing metal, forming carbon body parts and drilling cogs for gearboxes.

The end result is a machine that can accelerate to 190mph in the time it takes many sports cars to reach 60mph and produce so much G-force through corners, the driver must exercise their neck muscles on a weekly basis to counter the effect.

Watch the video below and witness the Red Bull team working in harmony to create the elegant racer. It's just a shame the drivers aren't this congruent.

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