Jeremy Clarkson ventures to the Arctic without a hat

Jeremy Clarkson ventures to the Arctic without a hat

The Top Gear presenter has arguably the most enviable job on the planet; he gets to travel the world and test exotic cars while being handed sacks of cash.

But sometimes even a high-flying television presenter's luck runs out as was highlighted in a recent string of Tweets from the curly-topped motormouth.
Clarkson initially Tweeted: "Things you can't buy at Oslo airport: 1 - a hat," as he began his trip to the Arctic where he is filming scenes for a documentary about Arctic convoys.

The globetrotter then Tweeted: "I'm now at Tromso airport. And they don't sell hats here either."

In an attempt to clarify his desperation for headgear Clarkson then explained via the social network: "Look. It's cold here and it's really really cold where I'm going. So I need a hat."

We don't blame him for desperately trying to protect his bonce from extreme weather conditions, the temperature was around -16 degrees Celsius in Svalbard, Norway when Clarkson revealed: "I'm now at Svalbard airport and guess what? No hats."

Clarkson continued to update his followers on his chilly progress to the Earth's northernmost point, posting a self-portrait and quoting: "Here's me. Note the absence of hat."

But never to shy away from a spot of consumer advice, the Top Gear presenter finally updated the world of Twitter with the following vital piece of information: "Goodnight everyone from the most northerly town on earth. Fags: £1.40 a pack."

The documentary is said to be about the Arctic convoys of World War II that saw oceangoing vessels sail from the United Kingdom, through perilous conditions to the former Soviet Union.
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