Sinclair C5 is voted biggest gadget disaster of all time

Sinclair C5 is voted biggest gadget disaster of all time

Sir Clive Sinclair will want to be remembered for his tireless contribution to consumer technology - such as the slim line electric pocket calculator and the Sinclair ZX Spectrum games console - not the commercial failure that was the C5.

To rub salt into the wound further, the British inventors' battery-powered three-wheeled vehicle has recently been voted 'the biggest gadget disaster of all time' in a poll carried out by the organisers of the upcoming Gadget Show Live event.
The bizarre-looking transport solution was much-hyped when it was first released in 1985 but it could only manage a top speed of 15mph and as a result, only shifted 20,000 units.

Other notable additions to the list of failed gadgetry include the Rabbit mobile, a phone that only worked when the user was near a transmitter. The Betamax video also features as it attempted to take on the VHS but failed miserably and the MiniDisc suffered a similar fate to the MP3.

The show's marketing manager Sally Bent said: "Gadgets like the Sinclair C5 failed to take off because they misjudged demand and were designed to solve problems that didn't exist.

"But the Betamax was widely acclaimed to be superior to VHS, and it failed only because of a lack of marketing prowess."

Tech lovers can experience an array of gadgetry that will (hopefully) be more successful than the aforementioned gizmos at Gadget Show Live that runs from April3-7 at the NEC in Birmingham.
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