Dog travels 10 miles in the cold to find his mate

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Dog travels 10 miles in the cold to find his mate
Dog travels 10 miles in the cold to find his mate

A dog ran away from his new adoptive home and travelled 10 miles across busy streets, railroad tracks and fields in the cold to find his way back to a shelter where the love of his life and mother of his puppy lives.

According to the Tribune Star, Ben, a four-year-old mixed German shepherd and his soul mate Jade, one, were strays that were taken in by the Terre Haute Humane Shelter in Indiana last summer.

"They were a bonded pair," shelter manager Charles Brown told the Tribune Star.

Ben and Jade were inseparable for the several months they spent at the shelter, but were torn apart when Courtney and Jason Lawler, who were only looking for one pet, adopted Ben.

"We had him for about three weeks, and we thought he was OK, but he got loose on us," Courtney told NBC2.

The Lawlers say Ben trekked miles in the freezing cold for more than a day to get back to the shelter and be with Jade.

"He came out of nowhere and started licking her through the fence, like they were kissing," said Courtney.

Courtney and Jason realised they couldn't adopt Ben without Jade.

"He'd keep getting loose if we took him and not her," Courtney added.

The canine couple are now living together in their new home with the Lawlers.

"They go on walks together and stay together at all times," said Courtney.

"No matter what they're loyal, and maybe humans could learn that from them. They also forgive and have limitless love."

Ahhh, we love a happy ending!

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