Cayman, Boxster and 911 to get hybrid tech?

Cayman, Boxster and 911 to get hybrid tech?

Technology from the Porsche 918 super car will almost certainly filter down into the manufacturer's range of sports cars, believes the firm's UK chief.

Porsche GB boss Chris Craft said cars like the 911, Cayman and Boxster could all theoretically benefit from the technology lessons learnt in the firm's forthcoming halo model.
Hybrid versions of the Panamera and Cayenne are already on sale in the UK and plug-in hybrid versions of them both, which will extend the cars' electric range even further, are on the way.

Now, Porsche is hinting strongly that similar technology will make it into the firm's sportiest models.

"When you look at what is happening with technology then you would say it is the future," said Craft.

"Hybrid is a great combination that gives you the ability to drive in a city purely on electric without any pollution. It brings down our overall CO2 output significantly so you would say that progressively this technology must filter down.

"Technology like this often starts off expensive, but as it moves on then it becomes more affordable and starts to make more sense in smaller cars."

The thought of anything other than a petrol unit in a 911 or Cayman will horrify many purists, but the good news is the firm sees life in the old combustion engine yet.

Craft added: "Over the years there has been a lot of speculation about what will power cars in the future, but I think the view of our organisation is that there is still a lot to be had out of the combustion engine yet, but bringing it together with electric as a formula has a lot of mileage."
Craft pointed to the £672,000 918 supercar as proof that alternative technology can be just as exciting.

He added: "The 918 is a real expression of what our engineers can achieve. It is driving alternative technology on and it's a huge step on from what a supercar has been previously.

"That car's technology will appear elsewhere in the range in the future I'm sure of it. We're a performance brand, but by using electric motors too we can deliver performance in a much more efficient way – and that has to be the future."
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