New Slovenian supercar targets Lamborghini Aventador

New Slovenian supercar targets Lamborghini Aventador

Slovenian supercar maker Tushek will follow the well-received Renovatio T500 with an even lighter and more powerful model, called the T700.

Aiming to rival the Lamborghini Aventador, the T700 will use carbon fibre and titanium to keep weight down to a targeted 1000kg.
The T700 will use the same Audi-sourced engine as the Renovation T500, but tuned to deliver 700bhp.

Details on how Tushek will liberate the extra power from 4.2-litre V8 haven't been announced, but expect a turbocharger or supercharger will be added to the naturally-aspirated engine.

Only one image has so far been released and it shows a very angular design, with a huge rear spoiler, roof vents and large spidery alloy wheels.

Tushek says form follows function for both the car's looks and engineering, so it is likely to be as extreme as the T500 to drive.

But this single-minded approach means the car's creator claims the T700 will be capable of generating up to 3.3g in extreme cornering. In order to create lateral g over three times the force of gravity the car will have to deliver a huge amount of down force.

No launch date has been announced and the car is said to be very much in the development stage.

The T700 follows the Renovatio T500, which was released in 2012 and praised for its handling and performance, if not for its price. As Tushek charge £245,000 for the T500, expect its bigger brother to have a price tag north of £300,000.
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