McLaren MP4-12C dances on ice

McLaren MP4-12C dances on ice

We've all been there – dropping off a pretty female snowboarder at the top of a mountain and then tearing down the snowy roads in your convertible supercar, only to get to the bottom and find she has beaten you there. Well, Rhys Millen has.

There is nothing better than hooning a supercar – recently we have seen a Lamborghini Gallardo, a Ferrari Enzo and even a Rolls-Royce being slid around unsuitable rally-style tracks. Now it's McLaren's turn.
In this video we see the 616bhp McLaren gracefully drifting from corner to corner, high up a snowy mountain road.

But this is no wild supercar owner looking to become famous – McLaren itself made this video and as you would expect from the British supercar maker, it's very slick.

Behind the wheel is driving superstar Rhys Millen, who is known for both his tyre-smoking exploits in America's top drifting championship and as the current record holder at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

Racing against him – and his £170,000 carbon-fibre supercar – is professional snowboarder and Winter X Games medallist Chanelle Sladics, who hops out at the top and shreds her way through thick snow to the bottom.

But for motoring fans the real delight is in watching the British supercar kicking up snow and skidding down the mountain in style. Millen even puts the roof down and we get to hear that twin-turbocharged 3.8-litre V8 in all its glory.

The stakes are high too – no guardrails means one mistake could send the car plunging off the icy road.

So watch the video and say thanks to McLaren for bringing us this chilly masterpiece of honing.

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