Homeless hamster braves the Scottish blizzards

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Homeless hamster braves the Scottish blizzards
Homeless hamster braves the Scottish blizzards

A hapless homeless hamster found herself facing the harsh Scottish winter as she scurried along the streets of Edinburgh's city centre in the snow this week.

But, luckily for the the 6in-tall creature, named Poppy by her rescuers, she was found by an animal-loving passer-by who managed to catch her and take her to a shelter.

SPCA officer Duncan Robinson said the year-old Syrian hamster was "very lucky" to have been found.

He told the Metro: "Hamsters are fast creatures and can wriggle through small spaces so there is a chance she has escaped from home.

"However, we are keeping an open mind at this stage. We're really glad she's now safe.'

He added: "We're keen to hear from anyone who recognises Poppy and, in the meantime, we'll ensure she receives the care she needs.

"If no one comes forward, we'll be looking to find Poppy a loving new home."

We're sure she'll never leave the comfort of wheelie cosy cage again...

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