Drivers on Britain's slowest road crawl at just 0.08mph during rush hour

Drivers on Britain's slowest road crawl at just 0.08mph

A new survey carried out by RAM Tracking has revealed the worst offending routes in Britain for rush hour tailbacks.

Thirteen of the peak period black spots were in London with Jamaica Road, Southwark coming top of the pile where frustrated drivers face crawling speeds of just 0.08mph during certain sections.
The figures were recorded by RAM Tracking - the UK's leading supplier of GPS vehicle tracking - after examining the speeds and locations of business drivers across the country on more than 440,000 individual journeys in February 2013.

GPS data from some seven million individual reports has been analysed as part of the research, comparing distance travelled during the rush hour commute of 8am to 9am, compared with the later time of 11am to 12pm.

The most gridlocked road outside of London is Park Way, Trafford Park, Manchester, where traffic hit a low of 0.69mph during the busiest times.

RAM Tracking's research has found that on average, the breakfast rush hour commute adds at least 50% to driver's journey times, although some roads, such as Skipton Road in Harrogate (where traffic crawls at an average of 1.5mph), do record consistently slow speeds, suggesting that local authorities need to look at what can be done to solve a chronic problem.

The findings have also unearthed the top five motorways best avoided during peak times. They are: the M6 at Ward End, West Midlands (27mph); M62 at Hunsworth, West Yorkshire (34mph); the M4 at Brentford (37mph); the M11 at Chigwell, Essex (38mph); and the M25 at Downside, Essex (38mph).

Results below show the top 10 most congested roads outside of London, so if you can avoid them on the morning commute, do...

1. Park Way (A5081), Trafford Park, Manchester

Rush hour MPH: 0.69

2. Skipton Road, Harrogate, North Yorkshire

Rush hour MPH: 1.50

3. Poulton Road (B5145), Wallasey, Merseyside

Rush hour MPH: 1.76

4. A36, Ower, Hampshire

Rush hour MPH: 3.39

5. The Slade (B4495), Headington, Oxford

Rush hour MPH: 11.00

6. Tyburn Road (A38), Erdington, Birmingham

Rush hour MPH: 13.00

7. London Road (A40), Headington, Oxford

Rush hour MPH: 13.00

8. Hagley Road (A456), Edgbaston, Birmingham

Rush hour MPH: 17.50

9. Godwin Street, Bradford, West Yorkshire

Rush hour MPH: 17.67

10. Alcester Road South (A435), Kings Heath, Birmingham

Rush hour MPH: 20.50
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