Crash-for-cash family increased insurance premiums for an entire county

Crash-for-cash family increased insurance premiums for an entire county

Seven members of the same family have been jailed for their part in a crash-for-cash scheme so large it affected the insurance premiums of drivers in an entire county.

Motorists in County Durham were forced to cough up an additional £100 upon renewal, thanks to the exploits of the Wright family and numerous others, who were foiled after Police identified 261 suspicious accident clams in a total of 1,800 handled by two separate companies.
A total of sixty people have been convicted as result of the Police operation - codenamed Nacho - including family patriarch Alan Wright, who falsely claimed on four separate crashes in just ten months.

The family were awarded a total of £514,000 in compensation for 25 fraudulent crashes, some of which were exaggerated, staged and even made up completely.

The family's scams including buying high mileage premium cars before falsifying odometer readings on claim forms, instantly increasing potential profits.

One member of the clan, Paul Jonathon Wright, is currently awaiting sentence for his part in the scam, making false claims for damaged vehicle storage and courtesy car rentals through is garage PJ Autos.

Commenting on the case to the Daily Mail, Ben Fletcher, Director of the Insurance Fraud Bureaum said: "This was part of a major joint investigation by Durham Police and the IFB into an organised scam which could have cost the insurance industry millions of pounds.

"Insurance fraud, particularly the 'crash for cash' phenomenon, is anti-social. The criminal gangs organising these scams use the proceeds of insurance fraud to fund other forms of serious crime. By locking the perpetrators up, we minimise genuine threats to our society."
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