5 apps that could save you money

No doubt the majority of Brits are trying to save money wherever possible in a bid to survive the continuing economic gloom, but staying on top of your finances can seem like a full-time job.

money saving apps
money saving apps

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Thankfully, as the saying goes, there's an app for that. In fact, there are many. We take a look at five handy little mobile applications that could help the pounds by looking after the pennies.

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Nosey Parker
It's no secret that parking in the UK is a costly business, and anyone who has spent a frustrating hour or two searching for a space (at any price) in one of Britain's major cities will know it's no easy task either. Nosey Parker makes the job a whole lot easier. Featuring information on 14,000 car parks across the country, 5,000 of which are free, you'll be able to save time and fuel by finding them quickly, and since it advises the user on how much you can expect to pay, you'll be able to seek out the cheapest slots in town. Available on iPhone for £2.99.

Wouldn't it be nice if all your utility companies and service providers offered freephone numbers to go with their endless queuing system? Unfortunately, if you're calling from a mobile that's not the case, and while you're 'currently next in the queue', you're paying through the nose for the privilege. Invest 69p on the 0870 app and the price of 0870, 0800 and 0845 calls drops to an average of 30p a minute, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that you've saved a few bob, even if you do have to listen to Greensleeves for 20 minutes.

This handy free app, available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone, takes the stress out of finding a cheap rail fare. Instead of forking out for a ticket on the day of travel, you simply pop in your departure point and destination, plus the time you want to take your trip, and the app will show you the best deals available. Forward planning never seemed so simple.
Meter Readings
There's plenty of advice online about how and where to save money on your utility bills, but keeping track of your gas and electricity spending isn't so easy. Until now. The Meter Readings app allows you to monitor all your utility meters in one place, and provides easy-to-view graphs displaying your usage, costs and savings. Find that you're spending a little more than you'd like, and it'll even let you switch suppliers. Worth the money at 69p for iPhone users.

Another free app, this time tracking all your incomings and outgoings. The tagline, 'your first step to financial freedom', might seem a tad ambitious, but it does provide you with graphs and charts representing your financial goings on - and when you can see where the pennies are slipping away, it'll be a good deal easier to cut costs.

Is there a money-saving app that you swear by? Let us know below...