Toyota Tercel from hit US TV show Breaking Bad up for sale

Toyota Tercel from hit US TV show Breaking Bad up for sale

US TV show Breaking Bad told the story of a Chemistry teacher who turns to manufacturing and dealing meth after he is diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer.

The show instantly attracted fans from all over the world thanks to its sharp script, nail-biting action and brilliantly acted scenes and now those fans can own a piece of history by purchasing the lead character's rusty old Toyota.
The four-wheeled-drive machine played an important part in the AMC show's plot, featuring in various high speed chases through the deserts of New Mexico and other high-octane drugs runs.

Interested collectors will have to head to Mike Faris's Auto Wholesale LTD in Albuquerque, New Mexico – close to where the series was filmed.

According to TMZ, Faris has been leasing the car to the production the last several years and now that the show is over it has been returned to his custody.

While he has put it up for sale, Faris explained that he is under strict orders from Sony Pictures Television not to sell the vehicle until the final episode of Breaking Bad airs later this summer.

The used car dealer posted on his Facebook page on March 5 - and wrote on the front-shield window of the car - a notice about the upcoming sale.

The notification read: "Breaking Bad 1984 Toyota Tercel Jesse's Car Make Offer" And offers have been pouring in - but he cannot consider them until after Sony's deadline.
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