Football player gives tickets to 'skint' fan

Ipswich player

A championship footballer took pity on a fan who commented on Twitter that he was too 'skint' to buy a ticket for last Saturday's game. Ipswich Town defender Tyrone Mings (not pictured) arranged for two tickets to be left on the gate for fan Tris Monk, commenting that he shouldn't miss a game because he couldn't afford it.

So how did this happen, and what was the reaction?


A report by the BBC said that the exchange had started on Twitter, after Mings tweeted abut the forthcoming game. Monk replied, wishing him luck, and adding "wish I was there to watch" - using the hashtag skint. Mings replied "can you get to Portman Road?" and told Monk that he had left him tickets under his name on the gate.

Monk told the BBC it was out of the blue, adding: "I was sat on the sofa with my wife when he offered me two tickets, I couldn't believe it."

Mings was on the bench for the game.


Ming's generosity has not gone unnoticed. The supporters' club told fanzine, TWTD: "It's great to see a footballer making off pitch headlines for the right reasons. This is a great gesture by Tyrone and all the better that the fans were rewarded with a home win."

The original exchange was shared across Twitter, more than 4,500 times, and the response was overwhelming. Fans were proud. @GeorgeeeBrooks said: "Reading what ‪@tyronemings1‬ did for a fan who couldn't afford to go to the game today makes me proud to be a town fan! ‪#legend‬ ‪#itfc‬."

And more broadly, supporters were impressed. @philbowski74 said: "not a town fan, but nice to see a player helping out a fan. Nice one Tyrone." ‏@chrisprodromou said "A touch of class from Ipswich Town player ‪@tyronemings1‬ . An absolute star. "

Even stars got in on the act. Ian Wright tweeted: "What a dude!" And @GabrielleAplin said: "Aw how much of a lad is my friend Tyrone!"

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Football player gives tickets to 'skint' fan

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